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   Who are we?


linkedIn.jpg Nicolai Slothuus
+45 51519060

Nicolai has been working with animation and film for the last 15 years, and has a bachelor in Character Animation from the Animation workshop in Viborg. He has been involved in several independent movie productions, where he mainly focused on process optimization, to create films with limited resources. Before starting Pixelmob, he developed the rigging pipeline and rigs for Copenhagen Bombays 3D feature film "Fjerkongens rige".  



linkedIn.jpg Andreas Thomsen
+45 29727597

Has more than 10 years of experience with computer graphics, and has a bachelor degree in CG-Arts from The Animation workshop. He directed the student short-film “Last Fall”, which has won numerous awards. Andreas worked at The Mill and Nexus productions in London before starting Pixelmob.



linkedIn.jpg Gemma Aliaga Costa
Animation supervisor

Gemma has close to 20 years of animation experience. After 4 years at The Mill in London, she worked at Passion Pictures, following that she worked at Post23 in Barcelona where she worked on a feature film production.
Gemma has a very efficient and streamlined approach to the animation process which shows in the high quality of her work.


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